David Almond

United Kingdom
He was born in Newcastle, England in 1951. He is one of the most important contemporary narrators of children’s and young adult literature and was the winner of the Hans Christian Andersen Award in 2010. That same year he was a finalist in the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award. He has also been awarded the Carnegie Medal, the Silver Medal Award and was awarded twice the Whitbread Award. He has also been a finalist in several contests. Among his most prominent works are Skellig, The Boy Who Swam with Piranhas and My Dad's a Birdman. David Almond’s literature is serious and appeals to the intelligence of readers with complex literary techniques such as intertextual relationships and framed stories (mise-en-abyme). The use of these literary resources contributes to children and young people striving to read them carefully and enquire the relationship between texts and cultural elements. Almond believes in his readers and is sure that young people like to read: "We hear this so often: kids don’t read any more. They’re the plugged-in generation, brains dulled by iPods and computer screens. Is that true? No. I want to drag the prophets of doom to meet the young readers that I meet all around the world — children who love books, stories, poems, plays. Children who ask the most perceptive questions about character and narrative, about the way words work, about the writing process, children with exploring minds and flexible imaginations." Children, youth and adults greatly enjoy the work of David Almond.