Gustavo Ariel Rosemffet Abramovich (Gusti)

Illustrator . Technician in Promotion and Advertising Design from the School of Art Fernando Fader in Buenos Aires. He began his career working in the Animation Film Studio Catú , making advertising short Films. Worked in the cartoon studios Hanna Barbera until 1985. On a trip to Europe for several cities , arrives in Barcelona and begins to illustrate children's books publishing and collaborating with various children's magazines . Among his publications are Quiero un hermanito (2003), El traje nuevo del emperador (2005), Basurarte: Crear, divertirse y reciclar (2009), La mosca (2012) y Un león hambriento (2012). His work for young audiences was selected by the Banco del Libro of Venezuela and the organization IBBY Spain . Gusti teaches a post graduate course of illustration at EINA School. He received the Apel· es Mestres Award, the Golden Apple Award of Bratislava, the National Award of Illustration, the Lazarillo Award, the Diploma of Honour at the Ibero-American Award for Illustration , the Serra d' Or Award, and the Junceda Award (2007) , among others.