Javier Silverio

Since very young - actually being an adolescent - Javier has been devoted to vindicate the claims of the Indigenous peoples of Mexico, both in their tangible and intangible rights, such as respect and recognition of territory and intellectual property. His work in the process of intercultural dialogue between the State, society and Indigenous Peoples has been of crucial importance. He therefore has participated in various local and national efforts to promote their Inclusion in the political, economic and social life of Mexico. Based on his deep and ample knowledge of the Zapotec and Mayan cultures and Peoples, Javier has actively participated, from his home State Oaxaca, in different initiatives to define and implement the Taller Leñateros (Leñateros Workshop) project, spanning his home state as well as the State of Chiapas. He is currently and formally involved in the Workshop's management body.