Mónica Brozon

Born in México City in 1970, Monica is a graduate of the School of Writers SOGEM (Escuela de la Sociedad General de Escritores de México; School of the General Society of Writers of Mexico). As a writer she has had an intense and very productive career of which we'd like to highlight some of her most important works and achievements: • She published with Ediciones SM, México y España(SM editorial House, Mexico and Spain) ¡Casi medio año! (Almost half a year). For this novel she was awarded in 1996 El barco de vapor (The Steam boat) first prize. In the same collection she also published Godofredo and Un ángel en la azotea y otros cuentos de Navidad (An angelon the roofand otherChristmas stories). • A year later, her novel Odisea por el espacio inexistente (Odyssey for the nonexistent space) was awarded A la orilla del viento (At the edge of the wind) prize, granted by the Fondo de Cultura Económica (the Economic Culture Fund). • 2001 saw her winning again the El barco de vapor first prize for her novel Las princesas siempre andan bien peinadas (Princesses always go well combed), work that was also published in Spain. • In 2002, under the Alfaguara label, Monica published another novel: Historia sobre un corazón roto... y tal vez un par de colmillos (Story about a broken heart ... and maybe a pair of fangs) • The first part of her trilogy under the title of J .J. Sánchez y El último Sábado Fantástico( J. J. Sanchez and The Last Fantastic Saturday) was presented in November 2003. Then, the second and third part followed: La turbulenta travesía del Alacrán (The turbulent cruise of the scorpion) and El cocodrilo que lloró de noche(The crocodile that cried at night). • She published, also with Alfaguara, the illustrated tale Bolita (Small Pellet) and yet, another novel: Memorias de un amigo casi verdadero (Memories of an almost real friend)…and another prize, the 2007 National Children's Literature Award Juan de la Cabada. • With the Fondo de Cultura Económica (the Economic Culture Fund) and in collaboration with children of the Chuildren and Writers (Chicos y Escritores)project, she also published a horror novel Alguien en la ventana (Someone at the window). • Published by El Naranjo (The Orange Tree), the novel El vértigo(The dizziness) was presented in April 2007. That same year she presented two illustrated tales, published by DGP CONACULTA: Rey por un rato (King for a while) and Oídos en el rincón (Ears in the corner). • Monica participated in the horror anthologySiete habitaciones a oscuras (Seven darkened rooms), published by Editorial Norma, with the work Y tú, ¿qué esperas para morirte?(And you, what are you waiting to die? • In 2008 she won the youth literature award Gran Angular(Wide Angle) granted by Ediciones SM for her novel 36 kilos. • In November 2009 she presented two additional new titles: Ruidos en la panza(Rumbling in the belly), published by Random House Mondadori and 500 años después de una larga siesta (500 years after a long nap), published by Editorial Porrúa. That same year she presented the book Los derechos de los niños no son cuento (Children's rights are not fairy tales) published also by Random House Mondadori, but in collaboration with UNICEF. The book includes her tale Hay de abuelitas a abuelitas (There is a certain kind of grannies and another kind of grannies). • In 2010 Alfagura presented two storybooks, Boleto al infierno (viaje sencillo) (Ticket to Hell (one way) and Siete cuentos muy cochinos, (Seven very dirty tales), where Monica's tales Temporada baja (Low season) and El estallido que acabó –y desacabó- con un amor (The blast that ended – and unended- a love) • Her novel Muchas gracias, señor Tchaikovsky (Thanks a lot, Mr. Tchaikovsky) was a finalist for the Norma-Fundalectura 2010 International Prize, and was published by Norma Publishing House in the 11 countries where the House operates. • She presented, in early 2011 De Drácula a Madero: Un viaje todo incluido a la Decena Trágica (From Dracula to Madero, An all-inclusive trip to the Ten Tragic Days), published by Ediciones B • Monica's latest book, under the same imprint (Ediciones B), appeared in 2012 and is entitled Dead Doll Last but not least, now a day Monica teaches literature for young people in the School of Writers SOGEM, as well as in the Diploma degree in literary creation at INBA (National Institute of Fine Arts).