María Baranda

Was born in Mexico City. She has written a variety or poetry books, among them: Fábula de los perdidos (Fable of the lost), Moradas imposibles (Impossible dwelling), Narrar (To tell), Atlántica y El Rústico (Atlantic and the rustic), Dylan y las ballenas (Dylan and the whales), Ficticia y Arcadia (Fictitious and Arcadian). Monte Avila published her first poetry compilation in 2008 and UNAM published her chosen poem: The insufficient sea. In 2003 she received the first national poetry award Aguascalientes. Her books have been published in Belgium, Canada, U.S., China and England and her poems have been translated to different languages. She has also written for children, her books have been awarded with the White Ravens and the Ragazzi Award in Italy, The Barco de Vapor in Mexico and the International Book on Board for Young People Honor List. Some of her books are: Silena y la caja de secretos (Silena and the secrets box), Marte y las princesas voladoras (Mars and the flying princess), Arrullo (Lull), Digo de noche un gato (At night a cat, I said), Sol de los amigos (Friends´ sun),ABCdario de Arte (Art´s alphabet), Un paseo por el Museo de Arte Moderno de México (A walk by the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico), Diente de león (Lion´s tooth). Nowadays, she is a member of the Art Creators National System.