Mónica Zak

Writer, journalist and TV documentaries producer . In 1971 she wrote her first book , and since then has published around 47, most of them for youth and children. Her main concern has always been the children’s rights everywhere. In 1965, she began a journey that lasted several years , in which she crossed the North Sea, the Atlantic , and visited all the islands of the Caribbean, part of South America and Central America. Thanks to this trip her interest and love for Latin America grew. Since then she has published books on topics concerning Peru , Panama , Nicaragua , Costa Rica , El Salvador , Guatemala , Belize, Mexico and Honduras . Among her books published in Spanish are Salve mi selva (1989), Paloma y el secreto de las pirámides (1991), La hija del puma (1997), Piedra Santa (2004), Alex Dogboy (2005), Colin y los monos (2006), and El niño que vivía con avestruces(2006). Monica Zak , in recent years , has become very interested in oral tradition literature. She has gathered tales of horror in several countries and with them she has published three books, in which there are several stories in Latin America. In 2002, she won the prize Bokjuryn for Vampyrens tunga (Vampire’s tongue), which was nominated as the best book of the year by 16,000 readers between 14 and 19 years old.