Verónica Murguía

Mexican narrator. Born in Mexico City in 1960, Murguia studied history at the University until she left it when she read the books of J. R. R. Tolkien and Ursula K. Le Guin and decided to spend all of her hours writing fantasy epics. The university would not have interfered, but that was discovered many years later. She persevered for years while she did odd and boring jobs such as being an aerobics instructor, banana bread baker, or a talk-show host on radio. Today she works as a writer and has published a dozen illustrated children’s books, a children’s novel titled Ladridos y conjuros (Barks and Spells), three young adult novels and a collection of short stories: El Ángel de Nicolás (The Angel of Nicholas), based on historic medieval episodes, and which has been published in Mexico, Chile and translated into Italian. Her novel El fuego verde (The Green Fire) was listed for the Rattenfänger Award in Hameln, Germany and was considered "Book of the Year" by the Venezuelan Book Bank in 2005. With Loba (Wolf), her latest novel, she won the Gran Angular Award in Spain. Loba (Wolf) tells the story of Soledad (Solitude), a princess who seeks recognition from her father, a cruel and violent king, by trying to satisfy him by emulating his warrior like character. She is not the boy that he wanted, and will never be able to have, due to a curse from a sorcerer in the neighboring country. In this country, Cuervo (Raven), the arrogant apprentice of the wizard, awakens a dragon and sends him against his hated enemy, King Lobo (Wolf). To avoid destruction in her kingdom, Soledad (Solitude) tries to find a solution with the Wizards. From her encounter with Cuervo (Raven), she, the maiden chosen by the Unicorn, finds the strength to face the Dragon and discovers and accepts her mission. He will conquer the humble grandeur of the true wizard. Loba (Wolf) is a wonderful novel and beautifully written work. Its fantasy opens the space where violence and honor, cruelty and courage, sacrifice and love unfold; and where deep reflection, and sensitive and intelligent monitoring of the internal evolution of the characters does not hinder the rapid development of the action. Veronica Murguia is one of the strongest narrators of children's literature in Latin America and a voice to follow.